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William R. Bond Sr.


All events are true and accurate. Told by Richard Bond son of William Bond Sr and illustrated by Vilma Bond.

William R. Bond, Sr.

This is the story of William R. Bond, Sr. as told by Vilma Bond, wife of Richard Bond. Vilma was a Dedicated Aide/ Para Professional at Judge Sylvania Woods Elementary School (JSWES) located in Glenn Arden Maryland (2006-2012.) JSWES staged a museum in honor of African American History Month in February of 2012. The story of William R. Bond was showcased at the Museum.


I am honored to announce that William Bond Sr. is my father in law who has proudly served in the United States Navy but now deceased. Prior to serving in the Navy he worked as a vocational teacher at Virginia State College in 

Ettrick Virginia.  


He enlisted in the Navy on January 6, 1944 but entered into service on January 13, 1944. He served a total of 2 years and 7 days in the United States Navy. 

While in the Navy he held ratings of EM3C and EM2C. His last duty Station was at or near San Pedro near California. He served as an engineer in charge of fixing damaged radar equipment located on Navy Ships. 


On one occasion EM2C (T) Bond received orders to report to a Navy Ship in order to complete engineering work on a damaged radar.  He took his work crew with him who happened to be all Caucasian. His white crew proceeded to the ship and was able to gain access to the ship, but as they waited for him to come on board, it was apparent that a problem existed. Bond was the lead engineer of the repair crew but was denied access to the Navy Ship because he was black.

EM2C (T) Bond on realizing that he was denied access to the ship because he was black, then ordered his repair crew to vacate the ship, fortunately for him his crewmen complied. But as the crew men were exiting the ship they were asked “who is that (n-word) ”?


Many days later the captain of the ship on realizing that his repair work was not done, called the base command and enquired as to why his radar was not yet fixed. Base replied, we sent a man out to you but you put a gun in his belly and told him to get off your ship. The captain replied you mean that “n-word”? Base replied “yes”; that same (n- word) is the only man that can fix your ship.  


Eventually Bond and his crew returned to the ship only this time they were respectfully escorted on board. EM2C (T) Bond went on to be honorably discharged from the US. Navy with his preference that his discharge

 papers state Electrical Engineer in that respect.


EM2C William Bond Sr. His strive for excellence propelled him to spread his knowledge of Electrical Engineering to young blacks. Mr. Bond retired as Principal of Bell Vocational High School located in Washington DC. The school is now known as Bell Centre. 

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